Virtual Coffee Date 3/15

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Good Afternoon!

I meant to write this post this morning…. but my days are running by faster than I could imagine. Just getting a second to write seems impossible (and we don’t even have kids)! I digress. Awhile back, I read Jenna’s Virtual Coffee Date and thought it was just the cutest thing ever. Then Bobbi wrote a few, so now it’s my turn! I love the idea of just sharing what is on your heart without having to be concise or informative. 

First, I’m currently listening to a mix cd that my friend made me back in high school… Jenny from the Block just came on. [Earlier I was rocking out to Shania.] Such a random mix, but I am loving the throwbacks! That was not my original intended first topic of discussion, but isn’t that how real coffee dates go anyways? You usually have something on your mind to talk about, but something else comes up. Right? Maybe it’s just me!

Now, you may have noticed my coffee up above. First, it’s iced because it is 86 degrees here today. I was the genius who decided to walk / run her dog the (almost) mile to the dry cleaners at 2 pm (I just want to point out that’s almost 2 miles round trip, and I’m lazy). Brilliant, I know. So after I chugged some water, I made myself a nice iced coffee. It’s delicious and refreshing! [I’m With You by Avril now]. And my coffee is out on my garden workbench. I’m trying to garden. I want to have a green thumb, I want to cultivate a garden, but usually I fail about halfway through the process. I can get some seedlings going, and then some to actually grow in the ground — but keeping weeds away until the veggies are fully grown does not usually happen. Sigh. My mother in law gave me this awesome standing greenhouse though, so I’ve been seeing the seedlings grow strong and quickly.

Speaking of the garden workbench, Matthew and I made that in January. I LOVE it. [All the Things You Said by t.a.T.u.] It holds all of my garden supplies and is super adorable. We built it together, which makes it even more precious to me. I have a whole post planned about it… but that just hasn’t happened yet. I actually have six or seven posts up my sleeves, but not enough time to sit down and write them. Okay, let’s be honest, I haven’t made the time. We all have the time to do something, we just have to choose what we do, and I’ve been choosing cleaning.

Cleaning. Ugh. I hate cleaning. I really want my house to clean itself. Or a maid to come. Is that too much for a girl to ask for? Probably. Matthew & I both love it when the house is clean, but hate cleaning. My friend Shelly taught me her cleaning system last month though, and it has been working pretty well for me. [I Just Wanna be Mad by Terri Clark] So once a week (Friday), I deep clean. For me that’s dusting, sweeping / vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms. I should be decluttering rooms daily (if you get into the habit, it works)! Then once a month I “Spring Clean” one room. I actually wrote the rooms on certain days in my calendar. It only takes a few hours, but is so much better than trying to spring clean (which is like throwing stuff away, carpet cleaning, scrubbing walls & baseboard) all of the rooms at once. All that to say the fact that I am choosing cleaning is pretty miraculous. I might be sick, but I hope not! 😉

The biggest thing that I have been learning this week is trust. I started a bible study with Bobbi on Proverbs 31. It’s from Good Morning Girls and is a SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) study. It’s simple, but effective. [RESPECT by Aretha] It’s actually the type of study we did in high school. Anyways, God has been teaching me a lot in the first couple of weeks of the study. First, I am having a hard time trusting Him with my future. It comes from two things, one being my desire to be on total control and the second being my fear of the unknowns. We have a ton of unknowns right now, and I really need to rely of my heavenly Father. He’s gently showing me just how to do that. It’s it awesome how much our Lord loves us?

Lastly, I went to a dinner for Chobani last week. It was fun and delicious. I love Greek yogurt, so having a dinner featuring it was fun. I was also able to talk to Joy the Baker (and hopefully not appear blog – star struck). She’s a sweetheart though, and we shared kitty and puppy pics. If you want to see the amazing meal, check out Jessica’s post. She took some great pictures, and I enjoyed getting to know her. 

What would you share with me over coffee today?

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